These shorts are getting weirder…


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  1. The Seven Deadly Mermaids  

    By; Deakazu (deviant art)



    disney channel used to have the best shows

    LIFE WITH DEREK!! Fun fact: they canceled that show because the girl who played Casey was dating the dude who played Derek and the sexual tension was too much.

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    A   C O N T I N U A T I O N   O F   T H I S

    NOTE: Because of many people’s similar reaction to my previous post, I feel the need to clarify that this series isn’t intended to have a Hans-apologist kind of vibe. My purpose here is not to excuse his behaviour in the film or to get people to pity him. I just wanted to add a little bit of ‘depth’ where it was suggested there were stories behind his actions. I’m basically trying to figure out a possible background and progression that could explain why and how he was shaped into a villain, if we accept some villains are made rather than born. But I get some people want this character to be evil for the sake of being evil, and that is completely fine! So please don’t get too upset over these, keep in mind this is just my take on a hypothetic past, loosely based on hints from the movie and what Frozen directors have revealed so far.

    Inspiration from rennydraws for the 8th panel and donc-desole for the last one.

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    You can never go wrong with Disney lyrics. (:

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    Disney’s Suprise Kissses

  2. fafafixit:

    so what if there was some expansion loaded onto hero’s duty and in the new storyline brad respawns somehow… and the last thing he remembers is his wedding with calhoun 

    and when calhoun sees him again she just gets dumbstruck and doesn’t know how to tell him she got remarried

    and poor felix is so self conscious with brad back in the picture and even though the thought kills him he contemplates bowing out gracefully since he wasn’t necessarily calhoun’s first choice 


  3. Today I went to a poetry slam which was late and extremely nervous when i got there. 


     When i walked in the room the seats were completely full and on top of that there were judges (which I completely forgot about when I walked in.)


    Not to mention I was the last one to sign up, but most of the poems were short and other all the while some of the people’s poetry were amazing and took my breath away.   


     It went quick though. and as time went by it was finally my turn recite my poem which I wrote myself. ( so I hoped it was good enough to win.) 


     Then the judges came up with the results and they announced the top 3 winners and HOLY BANANAS I MADE IN THE TOP 3!!!!!


    and won a Wawa gift card! 


    Let’s just say today was a great day.